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Jack & Anita Mauldin
260 County Road 1286
Ector, Texas 75439
Phone 903-961-2050


We have added a website for our small herd of Miniature Herefords on our farm.  They are a breed that has gone back to the original size of the Herefords that came to the US in the late 1800s

We also have a small herd of  Red Lowline cows for  a better sized commercial cow for the person with smaller acreage farm.

Mauldin Miniature Herefords and Lowline com Angus crossbreeds

Notice: As of June 26, 2014, we have decided to no longer breed or raise Boer goats. We are moving to breeding and raising Miniature Herefords and smaller commercial beef cows that are a better fit for people with smaller acreage farms. (See www.mauldinherefords.com). We have been breeding and raising Boer goats for over 17 years and have loved every minute of it but we have decided, at our age, we need to reduce the work on the farm and have a little more freedom to get away from the farm every once in a while.

We will continue to keep this website up with all of the goat information we have accumulated over the 17 years and hopefully keep the many friends we have made. We will also continue to update the Breeders Listing.

We have sold Boers in over 30 US states and exported to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin Islands. When we started showing Boers locally, we were hoping that one day we might have a grand champion at a show. It turns out, we ended up with six ABGA Ennobled animals from our farm and had at least three animals we purchased, bred with and then sold that later became Ennobled. So we could not have had a better time than these last 17 years.

We have had many outstanding Boers over the last 17 years but we can never forget the two Boer bucks that made us so successful. The buck on the left is Xtender and he started it all. We have never seen another buck the size and how gentle he was. The picture on the right is our beloved Painted Warrior, a son of Xtender. In local and regional shows, he won 14 grand champion awards and 11 Reserve grand champions. They will forever be loved and remembered by us and many other breeders. Their genetics have spread across the US and many parts of the world.v

Thanks to all of our friends we have made over the last 17 years. It has been a great joy for us to have been a part of the Boer goat Industry.