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From Coni Ross

  • 1 part molasses
  • 1  part corn oil
  •  1 part kayro syrup

Use for treatment of early stages of ketosis - give 20cc 3 - 4 times daily. Can also be given to animals that are stressed, dehydrated, or have loss of appetite at the dose of 5 - 10cc. Will increase appetite and water intake.

It gives them energy. It is also an excellent source of Iron...it is given when they become anemic (usually from lack of worming or worming enough). Usually given 120cc or more 2 and 3X a day until the doe is eating and drinking...


From Coni Ross

  • 1 bottle 50% Dextrose
  •  20cc B complex
  • 5cc B12
  • 2cc 500mg/ml thiamin.
  • This will make 500 cc of Revive

 If this is intended for pregnancy  toxemia does,  add a bottle of Amino Acid solution (not the > concentrate, it has too much potassium), and 2 grams of Ascorbic Acid. For toxemia does Revive: 200cc mixed with 200cc water every 2-3 hours until she is more awake. Reduce the amount of Revive when the doe is more alert, and or starts eating

 For show animals,  mix it 50:50 with water, and then mix a Tbs. of Calf  Pac in it. If you drench with this the goat feels better almost  instantly, and will eat and drink.

 use it on newborns with floppy kid, or kids that are chilled. 15cc Revive mixed 50:50 with water

Keep in a cool dark place. Use a clean jar to put it in

Weak Kid antibiotic "cocktail"

  • 1 part Tylan 200
  •  2 parts long lasting penicillin (such as Dura-Penn).

give up to 1cc the first time and usually never need to repeat but occasionally treat the next day with about 1/2 cc sub-Q.