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Are ABGA rules being changed for the benefit of Show wether breeders?

ABGA is now registering does out of a breeding between an unregistered buck and a purebred/fullblood doe. The doe kids will be 50% Boer. This interest seems to  come from breeders of show wethers. It seems the Boer standards are being adjusted for breeders of show wethers. That is something we don’t have any proof of and it is very easy to be threatened with a lawsuit if members speak out against the rules change.

We will continue to focus entirely on using fullblood bucks for our very small breeding program to improve our Boer herd according to how the South African breeders have done for over 70 years and continue to do. They did a pretty good job in creating the Boer breed for the world.

Several breeders listed in our Breeders Listing have requested we add the following text to their farm name to ensure visitors to their site will know they are dedicated to breeding with fullblood bucks ONLY. I have no idea what will happen related to the ABGA rules change but I can show readers a few differences we will focus on. All I can do is take one example of what special characteristics were highlighted for an unregistered breeding buck..

Benefits we see by staying with registered fullblood Boer bucks

instead for unregistered bucks.


Scottish Highlander Bull