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Boer Teat and Udder Research

We have decided to undertake a project to analyze and document the facts and history of reviewing the teats and udder structures and try to define some financial justification for our personal preferences. We are not saying our preferences are the best or the correct answer for everyone but we will try to justify why we have made our choices. This is definitely better than the ABGA just deciding that single teats are PREFERRED and not give ANY facts, studies, or any justification other than some ABGA directors believe they have the ONLY answers for the industry.

We believe any justification has to start with some Goal related to the subject.  That goal is how results are measured. Either people believe in the goal or they don't. In the situation with the ABGA standards, there are no goals to help determine if specific standards or changes to standards are good, bad or neutral because breeders can't analyze anything to see if something did get better or worse when a standard or a change to a standard is followed.

We will document our Goal related to teats and udders. From that, we will take the goal and determine issues that may keep that goal from becoming successful unless specific characteristics are focused upon to help ensure successfully reaching our goal (Justification). Then we will document our results in teats and udders according to specific breedings (Mauldin Results). How we are doing our  Udder research is explained in the Udder Research page.  Finally, we will have a page (Examples) to document through pictures, examples of  different teat and udder structures with the potential positive or negative impact on achieving our goal.

Goal for Teats and Udders

Meat goats primary goal in life is to raise 2-3 kids that will have a good weaning weight for the group of kids and the doe be able to successfullly raise kids for many yearas. We want to raise Boer goats that can successfully raise and wean triplets with minimum assistance and with good weaning weights for all of the kids. A good weaning weight of kids per doe would be 100 - 125 lbs. at 3 months old. We want a doe to be productive for at least 7-8 kiddings in her life.

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