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This article is to document how we are approaching the issue of "High Maintenance" problems with Boer goats.

We are not experts in any of these fields and are not recommending anyone else use them.

These actions are only focused related to the environment and weather conditions for our current farm site in Northeast, Texas. More details about our farm layout will be added as soon as I can find time to complete it.

We will report, in the future, on our results and any changes that we decide to make

We are approaching these specific areas looking for the following:

Is this problem unique to the Boer Goats?

Could the problem be caused by improper management by us or are there ways we could improve our current management that would help minimize the problem?

Can the Boer breed be improved through selective culling and different breeding criteria other than looking good for showing?

The sources for "High Maintenance" in our situation are listed below and we will look at each of them individually: