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US associations are focused on Registering and Showing
 rather than on the Meat Goat Industry

I was deeply troubled recently when I was reviewing some research on the meat goat industry. The findings did not paint a pretty picture of how well the Boer Goat breed was doing on the commercial side compared to other meat goat breeds. This was especially troubling because we love the Boer goat breed and have been raising them for over 13 years as of 2010. However the findings of the reports only confirmed what we have been hearing throughout the industry for many years. Although the Boer goat breed came into the US as a premiere meat goat breed in the world, we believe it has lost that standing under the guidance of the associations in the US that are related to Boer goats.

The focus of the American Boer Goat groups have been on getting registration fees and putting on shows to award ribbons and titles such as "Ennobled", as marketing tools about the Boer breed for a small number of breeders to greatly benefit financially. While the original South African breeders that developed the breed had a major focus on the breed as a superior meat goat, that focus has been lost in the US and the research I was studying showed the boer breed in last place compared to other meat goat in the commercial environment of actually producing goat meat in a profitable manner for commercial breeders. To make matters worse, it is very hard to dispute the facts of the research.

One simple thing you can do to help understand the problem is look at other Boer associations outside of the US to see if they continue to have a focus on the commercial side like the South African breeders did. Look at the breeder associations of other types of meat animals and see if they have a commercial focus vs just showing. Then look at all three of the Boer associations in the US and notice you don't see anything about the meat goat industry and how they are helping to produce a better meat goat to benefit the commercial breeders, which should be the core interest of breeding any meat goat breed. It is especially sad to see that IBGA has a piece of their mission statement that states

"is committed to seeing the meat goat industry in general, and the Boer goat breed in particular, established as a respected and profitable component of mainstream North American agriculture".

Following that statement, I don't find anything else on the web site related to "meat goat industry as a profitable component" and I have not seen any activities from them related to improving the breed for better commercial production. Those are just catchy words in the mission statement but the association shows nothing else on the web site to show they really have any serious focus on it.

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Lets look at an IDEAL world of focusing on improving Commercial meat goats

This issue will be covered in multiples articles in order to fully cover what we are seeing, our concerns, and our planned actions that we will be taking to stop following the guidance of the Boer associations in the US and target a different path that we believe will put our breeding program in line to have the meat goat industry the key focus of our breeding efforts. We certainly don't expect to have any impact on changing the way the Boer associations in the US do business or what they focus on. A small handful of breeders are making too much money by having the focus be on showing, titles and ribbons. However, we will feel much better about justifying our breeding program in the bigger picture of the meat goat industry.

We had already started changing several years ago regarding how we breed and what we focus on but I can see from the research I read, there is much more we can do to be satisfied we are raising Boer goats that will have a  positive impact for commercial breeders as our genetics are added to their herds. We will try to add new sections to our web site to show readers where we are heading, why we are heading in that direction and measurable results that readers can determine if they are getting more than just a goat that is pretty, may have won awards/titles and has an impressive pedigree according to other breeders show records.

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