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These are some research documents I have collected that I found valuable in understanding different issues related to management of goats. I have copied them to this site because many times the articles are deleted from the original source and can no longer be found on the Internet. We always document the source of the articles.


Managing Internal Parasitism in Sheep and Goats

Purdue University

Opportunities to reduce gastrointestinal nematode parasitism through nutrition

Animal Nutrition and Health Team -SAC, Edinburgh

Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats

Publication of ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Internal and External Parasites in Goats

Louisiana State University

Selecting Forage Species


Meat Goat -Selection, Carcass Evaluation & Fabrication Guide

Louisiana State University

Worms in refugia as a tool to delay drench resistance

Meat & Wool New Zealand Limited

Understanding Vaccination Programs

(Timing is Everything)

MSU Extension & Ag Experiment Station

College of Veterinary Medicine

Michigan State University

FAMACHA -Parasite Monitoring System

U of MN Extension

Coccidiosis in Goats


Smart Drenching and FAMACHA©

Integrated Training for Sustainable Control of

Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Small Ruminants

Southern Consortium for Small

Ruminant Parasite Control