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Prices of cuts and percentage of Carcass
by Jack Mauldin
September, 2009

This section describes some example prices and then some reports on carcass percentages per cut. The point of the example prices is not to say these are correct prices or even what year they were in effect. The point is to look at the relative prices between different cuts to understand which cuts are more valuable than others from a relative term. In Example 3, Loin chops are $16 per lb. and whole upper leg is $10 per lb. That indicates that the price/lb. of the loin chop is around 1.6 times more valuable than the price/lbs of the whole upper leg. The percentage of carcass charts are to better understand the volume of each cut that can get that price. In the first percentage example, it shows the leg to be 31% of the carcass and the loin only 11%.

For ease of math, say the carcass weighs 100 lbs. That would mean the loin at $16 per lb with 11 lbs in a carcass would give you $176. The whole leg at $10 per lb. and 31 lbs, would give you $310. This would mean that, although the loin is the more expensive cut, there is more money to be made from the whole leg. I would believe it may be easier to increase the meat in the leg than in the loin area but I don't know that.  This doesn't mean that the prices will stay the same as the weight of the carcass increases, It probably would decrease because the older the animal, the less tender the meat. These are just some of the tools you could use if the industry did a better job of collecting the appropriate info.

Example 1


Example 2

Example 3

Frozen Goat Meat

The table to the left are average weights and weight ranges for the USDA Styles

Dr. Rick Machen - Associate Professor & Extension Livestock Specialist

Research on Boer influenced Meat Goats

 Carcass Fabrication Results



Live Weight, lb


Chilled Carcass Weight, lb


Dressing Percent, %



% of Chilled Carcass

Leg, bone in


Leg, boneless


Loin, bone in


French Rack






Shoulder, bone in


Shoulder, boneless


Shoulder, square cut


Kidney & Pelvic Fat