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Overcrowding in Pastures

Goats and their parasites have evolved over a long period of time and under more primitive conditions the level of parasitism in animals would probably be limited by their tendency to roam over greater areas. Now, breeders often collect up the animals and restrict them to small pastures where the numbers of parasite larvae can build up to dramatic numbers leading to frequent drug treatments leading to resistance

The more animals you have in one pasture, the closer your goats graze to the ground and the more likely they will ingest larvae. The question we always have asked to us is "how many goats can I run in my pasture?". There is no general, correct answer of that question. Some people will quote that a breeder can run 6-8 goats where one cow can run. That may or may not be correct but if it is, it is only correct on what may be available to eat in the pasture. A cow generally does not have problems consuming parasite larvae while eating close to the ground but that is exactly where the goats get infected. There is nothing I have found on the internet that will tell a breeder how to identify the number of goats they can run on their pastures.

I know that we have too many goats for the acreage we have fenced for them. Here is how we are trying to estimate how many goats per acre without increasing the risk of parasite infection.