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Mastitis Problems

Mastitis can be a very high maintenance problem not only for treating the doe but you may end up bottle feeding many kids for an extended period of time. One of the potential problem areas many breeders like us may have that results in does getting mastitis is having your animals being around a common barn areas at night for protection rather than living our in a large pasture area. This is a situation we have had at our old and new farm and we will not be changing it.  In a true commercial environment, the animals are likely to live in a large pasture area and moved around to other pastures as needed. One of the key sources for a doe getting mastitis is laying is a dirty area. When animals are always coming back to the barn in the evening, you undoubtedly will have more feces and urine concentrated in a smaller area. It is easier for a doe to get mastitis in this type of an environment. This is the opportunity for better management of the situation to help minimize a doe getting mastitis.

We are trying to minimize mastitis in our herd by doing the following: