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Health Issues Resulting in "High Maintenance"

Health problems with our Boer goats seem to change year to year. Now that we have moved to a new farm, its seems different environments can cause health issues to be more intense or less intense. This article can only be from our perspective on the two farms we have lived on while breeding Boers.

 Now let me discuss the health issues that have caused us the most  problems over the years and that we are now placing a heavy focus on the minimizing or eliminating the "high maintenance" results.

We understand that breeders can call a vet every time they have a sick animal or send off the dead bodies to be evaluated but there comes a time where a breeder can not justify the cost of having every death or illness analyzed by a vet or university. We have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars carrying animals off to vets. We have learned a lot from those visits to the vets but a time must come where the breeder no longer spends their time trying to learn how to doctor a problem but starts to focus on how to raise animals that have fewer of these problems and how to minimize the cost and labor required to raise them healthy. The next article will take these problems and discuss how we are attacking each of them to minimize or eliminate the problem.