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Understanding how to keep your goat herd healthy and what to do when they are not, is a critical part of the boer goat and meat goat industry. It is difficult to tell when an animal is sick if you haven't studied how they look when they are well. There are four major areas we watch for indications of a sick goat and how we approach doctoring them.

Health Categories

Physical Signs of Illiness

Physical signs will normally be the first indication of a sick goat. However, in order to be able to recognize the physical signs of a sick goat, you must first closely observe your goats when they are healthy. Physical signs of sickness are the first indication of something wrong which should direct you to look for additional signs to help pinpoint the most likely problems. The more symptoms you can identify, the less likelihood you will mistreat it. Physical signs of a healthy goat are:

Below are some of the physical symptoms associated with certain disease or conditions.
After identifying the symptoms of your animal, compare them to the Disease and Conditions table f
or possible illness and treatment.

We have added a website for our small herd of Miniature Herefords on our farm.  They are a breed that has gone back to the original size of the Herefords that came to the US in the late 1800s

We are also cross breeding our Miniature Herefords to Red Angus and Red Lowline cows for  a better sized commercial cow for the person with smaller acreage farm.

Mauldin Miniature Herefords and Red Angus/Lowline commercial cows