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Grass Considerations for Year Round

We get questions all of the time about what is the best type of grass to plant in a pasture for goats. First we really don't know that much about all the different choices and secondly, it can vary according to where a breeder lives and there are different forages for different times of the year. I have done some collecting of information about Grasses and we are documenting what we found for other people to consider what is best for their farm. The information is basically divided into two categories and then two sub-categories. The main categories are

The sub-categories are

I found a lot of information on the Internet from reports by Universities and other groups. However, all of this info I am reporting is basically coming from one excellent resource. It is the "Meat Goat Production Hand Book"  that comes from Langston University in Oklahoma. Click on the book title to go to a page with info on how to get your own copy of the book.

I am dividing the different forages into two different pages. Click on the links below to go to the different pages. Also below the links is a graph from the Meat Goat Production Hand Book listing the different forages and when they are producing forage for you. As you can see, you need to consider both warm and cool season forages in order to get the most coverage throughout the year.


(primary source)