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 We prefer a Doe to not look bucky but be a strong animal that can handle making a living in the pastures and a large enough body to carry multiple kids during pregnancy. Notice the small barrel shape of the body in the picture to the left.  The picture  above is our Prissy Lady. She has the characteristics we like in a young Doe. Notice how much deeper her body is compared to the one on the left. Prissy Lady also has the stronger neck, her back doesn't dip behind the shoulders, larger heart girth for more room for internal organs, horns growing away from the body, less Roman Nose and stronger chest area. The last "plus" for Prissy Lady are, she rarely requires worming because she is more resistant to  stomach worms.  Prissy Lady does make a living in the pasture, is carrying multiple embryos and has a high immunity to worms. The deep body and strong neck cause Miss Mandy to look shorter than the other Doe but that is not true.

The Doe  to the left is what is winning in the show ring. The Doe above has the genetics  for our future herd. The meat goat industry does not eat show ribbons.

The picture above  is a good example of what some judges are looking for and will give the animal a better chance of winning because of the "feminine look". I went through judges training with South African breeders as the trainer. When they discussed the standard for Does needing to look feminine, I asked what that meant. They stated it meant to not look "bucky" because in their experience, Does that looked like bucks were more likely to have breeding problems.  This is where, I believe, the judges go overboard. Many of them believe if it is good for a Doe to be feminine enough to not look like a buck then the more feminine they look, the better they are. That is just not true. If the Doe has some genetics that cause her to look bucky, that is a problem. However, if there are no genetics making the Doe look bucky, then she should have no breeding problems and looking "more feminine" does not mean she will be an even better breeder.he trend in shows has been for animals to have longer, thinner looking necks.

The picture above is a good example of an animal that is winning in shows because of the long, thin neck. This is another feature that has no justification for wanting it in  meat goat breeds. The look came about from the show wether market. The breeders wanted a look to make the animal look longer and that is exactly what the long, thin neck  and tubular body does. Several of the breeders that were creating the look were also judges.

There is a problem with a longer, thinner neck. What do you think makes the neck look longer? Do you think there are more bones in the neck to cause that? No. I asked a vet about this and he said there can be more space between the neck bones that would cause it. Do you think that makes the neck stronger or weaker? Have you ever seen goats butt heads?  We prefer a strong, thick neck that is strong and it is a good source of meat for steaks.

Show Focus? Best Answer? Association Focus Research Review Teat Udder Study Head and Horns Wide Chest Feminine Look Legs