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Features, Values, Measurements, & Justifications

This is a project we are doing for our own education. After raising boers since 1997, we have started to realize we know next to nothing about the the real side of the business which is the slaughtering of commercial animals with genetics that will produce what the real customers are looking for. We have listened to "experts?" since we began telling us what to look for in the live animals and what the standards say. However, I am starting to realize that many of the "experts?" are just repeating what someone else told them and I am now starting to doubt many of the things we were told and the validity of some of the standards. "Experts?" get very nervous when I keep asking them to justify some of their statements to show they were correct and have labeled me as a "trouble maker".  I have no problem with that.

I am not getting any good answers from the "experts?" other than to point me to the winning records and ennoblements winning animals have in their pedigree and that worries me more. We don't clam to have any knowledge related to the commercial side of the business and that IS THE REAL BUSINESS. I am very good at asking questions and not accepting the traditional answers that are being given to me and I want to have better knowledge. The best way I have learned in the past is when I have to do research for writing an article or teaching a class. That is exactly what we are doing now. I have broken down the research into the eight different sections listed below. I am working on this as hard as I can so it will be initially finished very fast.

As I said, we are starting from ground zero as far as  knowledge in this area and we are more than ready to listen to other breeders opinion pro or con and consider your feedback and possible adjustments or changes to this project. If you have any comments pro or con, please email us at jack@jackmauldin.com .

This will have nothing to do related to show animals. I use to think the show ring was pointing out the best qualities that should go into commercial herds. I have left that belief far behind now and think some of the things we are seeing in the animals winning today are actually harmful to the commercial herds and commercial breeders should should be very careful about some of the current "FADS" that are happening in the show ring. One thing I was told earlier that I believe to be very true is "Show breeders will always take a good feature to extreme where it becomes a liability to the breed." I continue to hear about similar things that have occurred in cattle, horses and many other animals.  The desire to win and get large premium prices for their animals, completely destroys the thought of continuing to try and improve the animal for the real world of producing and selling goat meat and filling trophy cabinets.