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Evaluating Boer Goat Breeding Stock

This is only a discussion of how we evaluate boer goats and not a recommendation that other breeders use it. We are not experts in goats or breeding. Our approach to this subject is based upon 30 years of experience working with companies around the world to help them understand problems in their business and how to resolve and improve areas of their business. It did not matter what business the companies were in because you approach all problems or improvement issues the same way. Sometimes it is better to have not been in an industry for 20-30 years in order to see the most obvious problems. Here is a shortened story to show this point.

A husband notices that his wife always cuts both ends of a roast before cooking it. After asking her why, his wife says that is the proper way to cook a roast and her mother had always done it this way.

The husband talks to his mother-in-law at thanksgiving and asks why the ends of a roast are cut off prior to cooking it. She responded that is the proper way to cook a roast and her mother had always doe it that way.

At Christmas, the husband talked to his wife's grandmother and asked her why she always cut both ends of the roast before cooking. The grandmother said "My only pan was too small for the roasts".

You have to know why you are evaluating your breeding animals a specific way and not just do it the way it has always been done. I have discussed this subject with many "experts" in this industry and many of them do not have a good answer to WHY. This subject will be broken down into several different categories to help explain why we evaluate our herd or potential breeding animals the way we do.