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Enterotoxemia Problems

Enterotoxemia is a problem we are assuming we have had. We have never taken a dead animal and had a necropsy done to confirm this. The most common symptom is a kid is healthy one day and dead the next. It is one of the most common problems in sheep and goats. It is also called "overeaters disease". Similar to the bloat problem, we saw our problems of dead kids just showing up to be focused around the time we had our wet spring and our young lush, green pastures.

This is a common problem with sheep and goats and not just related to Boers. There is information on managing this problem better and we did not follow this as well as we now believe we need to. There is a vaccine called CD/T that can be given for this and we have faithfully given it every year. However, the timing of our vaccines might not have been the best. We have always given the vaccine once a year to our adults and then given a shot to our kids around the age of two months with a booster 3 weeks later. Well several of our kids never reached the age of 2 months before they died.

Our new management approach for minimizing Enterotoxemia includes: