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Goat Carcass Cuts

This is a goat carcass showing some of the basic cuts that come from the goat and where they are located. Notice on this chart, the neck is left as part of the Forequarter. The lower part of the chart shows individual cuts and has pictures of the individual neck cuts showing Neck Chops (steak) is made from the lower part of the neck. This better documents why the South African standard calls for the neck to be moderate in length, FULL and WELL FLESHED.  The thinner the neck, the less meat for the neck chops and a lower muscle to bone ratio.

The chart to the left is of a lamb carcass. One of the research articles I read, said the lamb and goat carcass were very similar other than the goat has less fat. This is another example of being able to see where different cuts of meat are located on a carcass.

The chart to the left is another lamb chart showing a little better where different cuts come from on the carcass. This better enables us to know where to look on our goats for the potential areas of meat utilized by the industry.


Cut Identification: