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Preparation for Delivery

There are several items that we put together for preparing to help a doe to kid. These items include:

Lighting source - If the doe will be kidding in the late evening or at night, we have a stand-alone light source since we do not have lights in our barn area.

Towels - We will bring two towels in case we need to help dry kids and for cleaning our own hands between kids born that we handle.

Scissors - We will use the scissors for trimming the umbilical cord.

Iodine 7% - The iodine will be used to doctor the navel after trimming the umbilical cord

Nutra-Drench - We will give the kids some energy as soon as possible to help them until they start nursing

Small glass jar - This will be used if we have to milk some colostrum for feeding the kids if they don't nurse on their own within a specified time.

Small syringe - The syringe, without the needle, will be used for feeding colostrum to weak kids that were not able to nurse on their own within the first 90 minutes. A nippled bottled will be used if they are strong enough to suck.

Plastic bottle and nipple - If the kids have not nursed within 90 minutes but are actively looking for milk, we will try the bottle with colostrum to have them suck on their own. If there are problems getting them to suck, we will drench with the syringe.

Bar Guard 99 - Medication we give all kids immediately have they have nursed.

Oxytocin - If the doe does not shed her afterbirth within 24 hours, we will give her this medicine to help.