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Are Animals with Show Wins and Ennoblements  the Best Answer?

We have purchased Boers for many years that had pedigrees loaded with Ennoblements and show winning genetics. We ended up being disappointed in the kids that many of them produced. Someone could say we just did not have the right quality of breeding partner. We have bred some of them with National Grand Champions or purchased does already bred to "well known" bucks and had the same experience.

A few years ago, we exported several bucks out of the USA. Some were "well known" genetics and some were from lines of our own breedings. The breeder contacted us later and made a comment that they wanted to purchase more animals next year but wanted to focus more on our own genetics because they seemed to do better. We have had the same experiences. We have had some animals produce offspring that were more hardy and grew faster than some of the "well known" genetics we bought. The problem is that many potential buyers are looking for animals that have pedigrees full of Ennoblements and show winning genetics.

Here are some of the problems we have seen with some "well known" genetics we have purchased.

We have been moving more to a breeding goal of "Identify the genetics that produce hardy offspring that grow well and meet the characteristics we desire without any focus on having pedigrees full of Ennoblements." We have documented some of the characteristics we do and do not like that show judges have been focusing on.   We have a new red buck that we will be one of our main breeding buck for producing red and paint genetics and he does not have one Ennoblement in his pedigree.  That is because we have not had a focus on showing and ALL of the animals in his pedigree were born and raised on our farm and we understand what to expect from the genetics without having a judge tell us they are good or bad. We also do not have the expenses of buying high priced animals to flush, paying a flush fee for a "well known" buck, doing flushes and going to shows trying to win points.

Here are some of the things we are doing to help us and our potential buyers better understand our Boers rather than just how many Ennoblements are in their pedigree and how well their genetics did in the show ring.

We have some nice looking pedigrees in our breeding herd and as long as we get good results, we will continue to use the genetics. But we will no longer have a major focus on having "well known" genetics just to better market our Boers. We will be focusing on producing what we like to see in our herd and looking for more enjoyment in the future rather than disappointments. We don't think Ennoblements in the pedigree and show winning genetics are always the best strategy and they certainly have not given us the most enjoyment in the kids produced.

Show Focus? Best Answer? Association Focus Research Review Teat Udder Study Head and Horns Wide Chest Feminine Look Legs Unreg. Bucks