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Artificial Insemination in the Boer Goat

Article from ABGA magazine "The Boer Goat" - Jan/Feb 2001
By Dr. Stuart Southwell, B.V.SC. - M.R.C.V.S.
Premier Genetics NZ Ltd. - Drury, New Zealand

The best way to spread elite genetic material throughout a population is by AI. Semen can be collected from top sires, frozen, then transported throughout the world, where it can influence large populations.

The Boer goat industry is essentially in its infancy, but when top sires are able to be identified, their genetics can be spread effectively by AI. I believe the Boer goat industry will use AI as a technique for spreading genetics more in the future, whereas it is now more dependent on embryo transfer.

Some Important Facts About AI

A Typical AL Program Would be as Follows:

The use of P.M.S.G. is debatable. Out of season situations do require the use of P.M.S.G. Dose rates are 150 I.U. to 400 I.U per goat. This is normally given at CIDR Out. In-season situation - I don't recommend the use of P.M.S.G. as I feel it reduces the pregnancy rate. Good management will give good results.

    About the Author

No one individual has contributed more to the development of the international Boer goat industry than Dr. Stuart Southwell of Premier Genetics N.Z. Ltd in Drury, New Zealand. He is widely known and respected for pi9oneering many of the embryo transfer techniques and program protocols that  are being employed by veterinarians and goat producers in many different countries of the world, and has willingly shared his knowledge and experience with those who have sought his advice and counsel. In addition to sharing his surgical techniques with other of his fellow veterinarians, Dr. Southwell has, himself, performed embryo recovery, splitting , and transfer on many thousands of Boer goats.

Dr. Stuart Southwell can be contacted at
Premier Genetics, NZ Ltd.
Ingram Road, RD 3
 Druary, NZ
 Phone 0-9 236-0616